210504 Matthew James Leech


There is a row of buttons at the bottom of the video panel, one of which allows to you view the video in full screen.

If the message “Sorry, this media is offline” shows at the top of the video panel, please be sure to regularly refresh the panel – or this page – near the time the service is due to start, as the browser may not detect when the stream has gone live.

Please note: Live streaming is not always successful, owing to many different causes, so as well as live streaming the service we separately record it. In the event of the stream failing, or if you are unable to view it for another reason, please return to this page a few hours later, when it will show a link a link that will allow you to view the stream as it was recorded.

A fully edited video will be available one or two days later. This will include additional material such as coverage of the arrival and procession, multiple camera angles, close-up views of speakers, scrolling text, music in high quality and photographs supplied by the family and displayed during the reflection music.